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Our job is to engage end-users, generate demand and steal market share for our clients. While we do that, we succeed, we fail, we learn and we grow. Here’s a quick round up of our learnings - almost a crash-course in integrated marketing services.

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Millennials And Manpower – Connecting The Dots

Millennials and Manpower – Connecting the dots!!

Millennials are independent thinkers who need deep understanding because their aspirations and motivation are highly radical.

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3 Killer Demand Generation Strategies for B2B Marketers

3 killer demand generation strategies for B2B marketers

B2B marketers have become more data driven in order to get a more precise picture about the RoI of their marketing investments.

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7 Essential Skills Retail Sales Managers Need To Have

7 essential skills retail sales managers need to have

Do you know what it takes to be a great retail sales manager? You will need these seven skillsets to hold your ground out there

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3 Ways Mobile Can Boost Channel Partner Engagement

3 Ways Mobile Can Boost Channel Partner Engagement

According to a recent CompTIA survey, 85% of Channel professionals use smartphones to conduct business. However, less than 5% of channel partners

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Attracting Millennials To Direct Sales Jobs

Attracting millennials to direct sales jobs

Millennials are the key to unlocking the disruptive power of social technologies and mobility for the direct sales industry due to their unique and eccentric qualities

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What Made Me Love This Job of Event Management?

What made me love this job ….Event Management?

Let me start with a bit of statistics. According to a report by EY the total worth of Event Industry is going to be INR 5779 crore in 2016-17 FY.

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Your Brand Is What Other People Say When You Are Not In The Room

Your Brand is what other people say when you are not in the room

Over the past 20 years, Kestone has evolved into an integrated marketing services company in a highly competitive business landscape

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All That It Takes To Build An Effective Channel Partner Community

All that it takes to build an effective channel partner community

Here’s a drill down on 5 factors that must be considered to build an effective and engaged Channel Partner community.

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5 Ways Augmented Reality Will Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2017

5 Ways Augmented Reality Will Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2017

From offering personalized solutions to real-time interactions, Augmented Reality can change the paradigms of how businesses function.

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Myth #3: Facebook Can’t Measure The Impact Of B2B Marketing

Myth #3: Facebook can’t measure the impact of B2B marketing

Here’s a drill down on ways to track ROI from Facebook and how impactful a medium can it be even for B2B marketers.

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Myth #2: Facebook Does Not Have The Right Target Audience

Myth #2: Facebook does not have the right target audience

Facebook is the wrong place for B2B marketers. Reaching out to people on Facebook with ads lead generation won’t work: Let’s demystify this.

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Myth #1: Facebook Isn’t For B2B Marketing

Myth #1: Facebook isn’t for B2B marketing, it suits ...

B2C marketers use Facebook to reach consumers and B2B marketers use LinkedIn to reach out to professionals.

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Develop These 5 Traits In Employees With Training Workshop Solutions

Develop these 5 traits in employees with training workshop solutions

Small and mid-sized companies lose an average of $5,246 per year, per employee, to ineffective peer-to-peer communication.

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Bridging The Gap Between Academia And Industry – Whys And Hows

Bridging the gap between academia and industry – Why’s and How’s

Insights into 5 biggest pain points in today’s academia-industry relationship and the key to addressing those pain points.

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Video Is The New Content For Marketers

Video is the new content for Marketers

With an overload of information circulating, the need for easy to digest content increases with every passing moment.

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Role That Technology Plays In Integrating Sales & Marketing Functions

Role that technology plays in integrating sales & marketing ...

Sales helps in content creation & understanding customer personas while Marketing sets the right customer expectations, unified messaging.

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How Corporate Training Programs Drive Competitive Advantage For Your Business

How corporate training programs drive competitive advantage ...

Corporate trainings are a great way of increasing your talent pool and developing a solid pipeline of experienced leaders.

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