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4 Major Benefits of having an Integrated Marketing Campaign

The basics of an integrated marketing campaign are the application of steady brand messaging across marketing channels and using different promotional approaches to strengthen each other. It helps to unify a marketing strategy and increase the brand loyalty, profit and competitive edge. According to the E-tailing group's 4th annual Consumer Insights Survey, 72% of consumers want an integrated marketing approach. 60% of mature multichannel marketers reported increases of more than 10% in revenue that are attributed to marketing programs - Forrester (May 2012) "The Multichannel Maturity Mandate".
Let's look at 4 major benefits of having an approach that can change branding prospects for the better:

Helps in Brand's In-Depth Analysis and Enhancement

The more channels your marketing makes use of, the more sources of data you will have fuelling your ongoing efforts. These data can be churned into actionable insights giving your team the opportunity to take on a brand refinement process if the need be. When your campaign is integrated you retrieve more data specific information about how your consumer is perceiving you across channels. This opens a window to better your brand's popularity and acceptance quotient.

Builds Internal Morale

When you run an integrated campaign, your team have to pull together, share talent and stay on top of communication to ensure consistency. This harnesses internal morale. It bestows them with the experience as in how multiple channels can complement each other while carrying an integrated massage about the brand to its consumers. This can build strong team confidence to champion next set of campaigns better.

It's Cost Effective

By integrating your campaign you will eliminate the need for duplication, as when you integrate, you share across channels and this will save you both money and valuable time. You don't end up over investing on a single medium and imbalance your ROI expectation.

Since it does precise consumer targeting and trumps a one-dimensional approach, businesses irrespective of their size can avail it.

According to Entrepreneur, you should allocate your resources in proportion to the ROI that different campaigns can deliver: "Having a clear idea of a campaign's costs, the number of sales generated, how large the sales were and who purchased the product or service can help you invest your marketing budget wisely."

Gives your Brand the correct placement

Only through the indiscriminate use of all pertinent platforms and channels can you hope to push your brand to the front of the pack of those clamouring for mindshare, and to the top of your prospective client' "go-to" list of service providers.

All brand messaging faces stiff competition for audience attention. Unless you force attention, which is of course next to annoyance, making an effort to embark upon a campaign strategy that is memorable and vividly acceptable, your brand's messages will be lost in oblivion. Integrated marketing remarkably makes sure that the messages you are sending across channels remain consistent.

The thing is, people see more than they think they see and if you're everywhere someone looks when they're making their purchase decision you can bet that, sooner or later, you will be exactly what they end up looking for.


Integrated advertising and marketing strategies is the modern-day nexus points at which the traditional and the digital meet. They are the methods by which your brand can traverse the globe, and seep into the consciousness of everyone who sees it. It is a way your consumer perceives you as a whole. Your each channel should align well with each other conveying the same message so that the entire picture turns out a picturesque.