5 tools to enhance your lead generation strategy

5 tools to enhance your lead generation strategy

Do you have a lead generation strategy in place already? We're sure you do. Are you worried that you are losing out on more avenues that might generate you some leads? You might. Here are the ABCs of the tools that can change the way you look at your strategy.

Keep it Simple

Keywords or no keywords, the cardinal rule of any type of content is to keep it simple, informative and easy to understand. For example, if you have focussed too much on keywords and make the content difficult to understand/read, even the Call to Action (CTA) for conversion will be unsuccessful since the visitor won't be able to understand your offerings properly. Thus, it is always advisable to keep the content crisp and to-the-point.

The 4 L's of a Lead Generation Strategy

Lead Capture, Lead Magnets, Landing Page Conversion Techniques and Lead scoring are some of the assets that convert visitors into leads.

Lead capture is a strategy that helps you retrieve a vital information about the viewer- for example, email address bank of the TG or insights into their online behaviour. Lead magnet is a phase where the visitors are transformed into buyers. The brand can use video training, email updates, subscriptions and social media follows to retain the viewer interest and convert them into buyers. With an excellent Landing page conversion technique, the brand can integrate device viewing experience on various channels like smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop. User Experience or UX along with Google Analytics, is a must for any business looking for the best lead generation strategies. And lastly, the brand can incorporate the most important aspect of Lead Generation- Lead Scoring. Using this, it can track and calculate scores of the leads generated according to the level of engagement with the inbound marketing content.

Below are the most relevant tools that ought to be parts of your lead-gen strategy-

Email Marketing and Social Media

Email marketing has evolved from its 'spam' days into a platform that provides personalized and effective customer communication by using AI to target the audience and by publishing relevant content like newsletters via emails. As per a report, 79% of B2B marketers consider email marketing as the most effective distribution channel. And you were going to write it off thinking no one reads the emails anymore?

Social media platforms are fast-growing and marketers have been exploring them to accentuate their advertising efforts and marketing goals using hashtagging and reaching out to a significant set of audience who may be converted into a valuable lead. Examples include #Bufferchat and #SEMrushcha and platforms like TwChat or Twitterfall to keep up with conversations and engaging tweets. Social media can drive leads directly and can improve ranking and visibility for SEO.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, the cutting edge of lead generation strategies, encompasses many different types of marketing including online marketing, "Push" notifications, Text messaging, Mobile apps and/or Podcasts. Use of chatbots helps streamline business processes -from lead generation to managing long sales cycles and internal communication. Instead of talking to a sales representative, you can generate lead from the Facebook's Messenger and Apple's Siri.

Use of Lead generation technologies like AI, Big Data

AI tools can engage potential leads online and reach out to possible leads. Not only do they help marketers cut costs, but AI also uses predictive analytics and are built into the sales platform and filter through leads based on online behaviour patterns.

Data analytics and data management tools help marketers implement tactics surrounding their data, helping them use the information to generate leads. Data visualization in lead generation - especially statistical analysis and data mining conveys information to your target audience through graph, chart or animation and is extremely popular.

Use of Referral Programs, Webinars and Trade shows

Referral marketing refers to leveraging customers, partners and influencers in your industry to refer target leads for your business.

Trade shows and conferences aid you to reach out to the leads. You can carry direct mail, brochures and information about your company with you to these events give you a chance to pitch your business to leads. Webinars create high-quality leads and partnership opportunities, whereas PSAs are the creation of inbound leads from advertisers where you can create partnerships with advertisers and target more people every day.

Content Marketing strategies like Blogs, White papers, eBooks and reports for download

Blogs upsurge lead generation by capturing the attention of the website visitors, giving leads something to take away, and building trust and interaction and provide a more engaging and shareable platform than emails.

White papers and high-quality downloadable eBooks allow potential leads get focused knowledge on-demand in exchange for their contact information. Providing an assessment or report or another email-for-knowledge exchange is a five-minute lead generation questionnaire that not only provides potential clients with a first impression of your company's work but also serves as a teaser of your company's services.