5 ways to sync your CRO and SEO

5 ways to sync your CRO and SEO

The very premise of this subject is based on the fact that the strategies used to drive traffic cannot be utilized for optimizing conversions and vice versa. Basically, to say that SEO and CRO are independent of each other. And if that's been your strategy too, then that might be the thing causing strategical silos.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) garners more visits/traffic and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) ensures that this traffic is converted into business. Hence, logically speaking, CRO must follow SEO. There are many forums that might tell you that conversion if the only key to success, however, we maintain that traffic is equally (if not more) important. It is relevant that an overlapping path is found.

Here are a few tips to make your CRO strategy work for SEO and vice versa-

Keep it Simple

Keywords or no keywords, the cardinal rule of any type of content is to keep it simple, informative and easy to understand. For example, if you have focussed too much on keywords and make the content difficult to understand/read, even the Call to Action (CTA) for conversion will be unsuccessful since the visitor won't be able to understand your offerings properly. Thus, it is always advisable to keep the content crisp and to-the-point.

Find ways to personalize

No matter how much our strategies are skewed towards AI/ML etc; remember there is nothing that beats a human touch/personalization. Emails, landing pages, content, product pricing et all. Each one of these must be attempted to be personalized.

Build and reward Engagements

Your aim for SEO or CRO must always be to build a chain of engagement which is ongoing. Visitors view the digital platforms as a means of expressing themselves and hence any form of content validating or appreciating them is always welcome. Also, this will build immense brand loyalty. CRO and CX today are very intricately linked and engagements are a sure shot way of encouraging this. Also, always be welcoming to feedback, it is seen as a sign of values and honesty.

CTA and conversion

You have to create content that has a CTA that drives conversion. In other words, the CTA should be an influencer driving conversions. Let your content provide the readers with clarity and not articles that are fixated on keywords and in the end fail to irk any interest.

Find the content that speaks to your audience

If you are a business with a technical product, video content might work best for you. Similarly, for different lines of business it is different vehicles and varied content that works. As a business, it is relevant that this is figured and the strategy is designed likewise. CRO is heavily influenced by the amount of effort a user has to put in while consuming your content.

CRO is definitely a measure of how well your content is doing but using it as the only parameter might not give you a clear picture. What if there is enough traffic but low conversion? That would imply the conversion tactics are not optimized enough. The same is true vice versa too. Your digital strategies are nothing if they work in silos, hence the marriage of CRO and SEO.