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Online event management
Keysight Online Event Management

Created Web application for online event management, Traffic management, online RSVP administration, Comprehensive event analysis & dashboards. With one Login for multiple events – Ongoing, Upcoming and Past events.

lead generation
Keysight Lead Generation

75K+ campaign reach, 20+ unique EDM’S, 8+ Microsites, 25+cities covered. Generated over 2,200+ leads with 700+ Top Level Executives|570+ Senior Level Managers|800+ Managers

Showcase of Office branding
IBM TGMC – Social Media Amplification

A digital social amplification with Audience engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Online Reputation Management (ORM).Program awareness and demand generation (registrations) using Social Media, Affiliate Marketing , Google Adwords & Email Campaigns

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3 Ways Mobiles Boosts Channel Partner Engagement


March 2017

Millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation ever. They are technologically connected, ethnically diverse and socially conscious. They don’t like being tied down to a company for their entire career. They have a much higher demand for instant gratification and information.

While being ambitious and eccentric, millennials also develop innovative ways to reach out to their prospects. They add to the “hip” factor and attract other young people to join the industry as well and don’t want to be associated with the stereotype of a used car salesman trying to hoodwink a naïve customer. There are many benefits that millennials offer the direct sales industry and can be key to tapping into the disruptive power of social technologies. There are three ways in which millennials can be attracted to direct sales jobs: