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Digital Marketing - Equalizer for startups!

Digital Marketing simply means moving onto digital tools that customers use daily and depend upon – these largely consists of connected devices, smart-phones, search engines, tablets, video on demand, and the social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Significantly using each of these to build brands over the recent years has given rise to the digital revolution. It has turned out to be a great equalizer in the marketing world especially for startups and if used effectively to target the audience, engage the customer, and measure results – brands would never have to look back ever!

The first step to this is being able to formulate the marketing message, which is the knowledge or information that the customers will retain after they are exposed to your company. It is actually all about selling solutions (not technology) to real customers who have real needs and problems they want to solve through a faster medium that is real time.

Here we are mentioning 6 points that acknowledge that how Digital Marketing is proving to be a great ‘Equalizer’ for the startup community:

01. How does this solution solve an existing problem?

Every new venture faces challenges that affect their sales and manufacturing efforts, human resources, and related aspects that helps them build a brand and become profitable. Digital marketing is a great way to resolve these challenges that brings with it emotional benefits for the brand employees too. Unlike a traditional media campaign, where you need to have a huge sum of money to invest and promote your product, a startup can begin online marketing with as low as Rs 500 a day. Since this medium empowers the voice of the peer community, positive word of mouth acts as a constructive measure to achieve this feat.

02. How does this solution provide a competitive advantage?

Certain digital marketing campaigns can turn a threat into an opportunity. In today’s world, where there is cutthroat competition everywhere, solutions that can help companies to be better predators and less likely to be prey can be very well be nurtured through this medium. However, a smart startup would always plan their digital strategy before diving into it. By creating vastly superior content such as assembling a massive number of user reviews (examples: Amazon and TripAdvisor) or user generated content, startups can readily create that competitive advantage. SimilarWeb can identify which of your competitors’ social channels are driving the most traffic, and use that data to further analyze their social posting; everything from content and tone, to frequency.

03. How does this solution make the startup a visionary/market leader?

Every Startup strives to find an identity that highlights its unique selling proposition, to stand out from the crowd as a visionary. Digital marketing is a beautiful platform that can transcend customer thinking. Developing your customer connection early and being able to build that loyal community will definitely be able to make the startup a visionary in the longer run.

04. How does this solution enable a significant value exchange?

Smart companies are always looking for a return on investment. With advanced tools at disposal, digital marketing companies optimize conversion rates to achieve maximum ROI’s for businesses. Having specific objectives such as increase online sales, generate more leads, get more downloads for an app or increase website visitors helps digital marketers tailor campaigns towards achieving these goals set by clients. Campaign Rate Optimization is an important aspect of digital marketing often overlooked but has great potential.

05. How does this solution represent an exclusive opportunity?

In the business world, exclusivity isn’t just a social ego boost. Companies that have access to, or can sell products and services not available to their competitors, can position themselves better in the marketplace.

06. How does this solution increase performance and productivity?

Companies that are more efficient in the use of all their resources will be more profitable. Digital Marketing also helps start-ups in converting their loyal customers into brand advisors and brand evangelists who in turn generate revenue for the company by not only advising other customers to start purchasing the company products and services but also by sharing positive news about the brand. Digital tools like BuzzSumo helps to identify the most shared content for any search term, topic or domain, drill down to pinpoint specific sharers and back-links, and even find what content is trending in real-time.


B2C brands’ effective marketing messages are also about triggering strong emotional corners of a consumer’s mind through which they make decisions about the value and benefits that they receive from a particular product. These are a sense of well-being, convenience, security, significance, exclusivity, positive social standing, and others.

Digital Marketing has opened roads for startups to battle with larger corporate, on a common ground in both business and consumer environment. Today success rate is no longer defined by the marketing budget, but the ability to understand the pain-points of your customers, crafting the right message, and delivering it out through the apt medium while you tune the entire process for the maximum results. Such is the power of digitalization!