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From the President's Desk
Things to expect from Kestone in 2018

In 2018, Kestone will bring forward some newer platforms which, we believe, should act as a game changer for the Integrated Marketing industry as a whole. Imagine 'democratizing event management’ with a SAAS based service offering and availability of a youth marketing platform as an off-the-shelf product for marketing managers.

As we wish you an immensely successful 2018, here's a peak into what we had been working on over 2017 and are now ready to hit the floor with this year.

01. PocketEvents: Birth of democratizing event management

Steve Jobs once said, "If we don't cannibalize ourselves, then someone else will" - A wonderful connotation for an industry that is over INR 6,000 cr in India and is fast changing its dimension. Being variably unorganized and nascent, the complexities of organizing successful events for this industry call for a herculean task, giving a platform for experts to step in. Since it’s an indispensible part of a brand’s marketing, events do costs dearly. While the larger organizations have the spending power to outsource events to an event agency, the small & mid-size prefer to do it in-house keeping the budgets in mind. With the rising start-ups ecosystem, the later fraternity has a fairer chance to outgrow the former in terms of event demand and the coming year will witness this very closely.

With this as premise, Kestone conceptialized PocketEvents, an end user mobile app that would ease out the process of organizing an event by intutively consulting you with the choice of perfect venue, adequate techincal setup for your given audience size, including sound and lighting system, and even your event’s theme & communication design. Few taps on self-guiding screens and what you have as an output is a detailed list of everything you need to conduct your event just like a seasoned agency would do it for you!

02. 1View: One login to manage multiple events spread over time and geography

While PocketEvents is for configuring your event with all the technical paraphernalia, 1View is a web based system, integrated with a mobile app, to auotmate the process of RSVP management, delegate management and community engagement at an event. 1View enables you to do this for all your ongoing, past and upcoming events with a single login. Mobile apps will enable marketers to manage multiple events permeating time and geography. To give your delegates a fully automated journey of your event, this tools comes loaded with features such as GPS tagged event check-in, event activity feed, polls, Q&A, and app based delegate networking. And as a marketing manager what you get is real-time access to insights around your delegates to instantly measure the ROI from your event.

03. Youth Marketing Platform: Plug-and-Play model for brands to connect with youth

When talking about 'Youth' India has an edge. In 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years, compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan; and, by 2030, India’s dependency ratio should be just over 0.4. – One of the biggest reasons for India to celebrate as it is poised to become the most desirable market for global brands. However, reaching out to youth at the right time and at the right place might not be easy for brand managers. They are smart, intelligent, fearless, quick decision makers and important peer purchase influencers. Catching them early would be ideal for brands and nothing could be better for a marketing manager than to be able to connect with them with an off-the-shelf available Youth Marketing Platform. Kestone, along with its parent firm CL Educate, is headed to make this possible this year.

CL is one of the leading education services providers in the country that reaches out to various schools and colleges on a daily basis. A majority of their customers hail from the age group of 14 to 25 spread across 300+ cities in India. This number is in few millions. With its Youth Marketing Platform Kestone aims to facilitate handshake between brands and Indian youth through various high, medium and low touchpoints.

04. International Expansion: Dubai

We aim to help Indian organizations market themselves globally and global counterparts to find a footprint in India. With experienced industry specialists onboard, we are now providing consulting services in this space. Singapore has been a great international kickstarter for us and we intend to retrieve the same in Middle-East region where we commenced our operations in December 2017. The next few months will bring in more opportunities for expansion and success both for our stakeholders and us.

05. Consulting Business

IT, FMCG, Pharma, Education, Telecom, Automobile to name a few industries where we have got experts who are now part of our consulting business. Strategy consulting & Management consulting will be the focus for this team. Marketing, Sales, Operations will all fall under this. Our regular business team will also benefit from this team. Be ready to see us know a lot more about your industry, your business and be able to add that consulting flavour in our conversation.